Gentlemens’ Quarters

Recent Comments Gentlemens’ Quarters:

1. I love how you guys are so nice and friendly to me and my son. Every time we are there you make the time pleasant with great conversations. Your hair cuts are so precise and exactly as we want. Keep doing what you’re doing !

2. Walked in without an appointment and was seated immediately. Been there twice now. Both times received fast, friendly service and excellent cuts.

3. Been getting my hair cut here since I was a little kid and they’ve never messed up my hair. Next time I think I’ll ask them to give me a sweet mullet. Business in front, party in the back! 5/5 would recommend.

4. Make an appointment is best very friendly staff good price

5. I stopped by without an appointment and they were busy but they were able to schedule me for an appointment really quickly. When I arrived for my haircut they got me in the chair quickly and they did a nice job. The fade was solid and my

6. Good service I did not make an appointment and I was able to go in at there opening at 9 first thing in the morning and was out by 9:20. Good staff that went above and beyond they trimmed my eyebrows and a little tingly hairs on my ear, I didn’t know that was a thing but now it’s done!

7. Best haircut I’ve ever had!

8. Hair stylist was great, she wore her mask. However, not all hairstyles and customers do. It’s kind of optimal in case you are wondering.

9. Made an appointment and they took me in right on schedule. No waiting. Katie did an excellent job with my hair. She cut, thinned and trimmed it all around. I haven’t had a haircut this nice in years.

10. I’ve been going here 1O years. All the ladies are friendly and great at what they do. I’ve never received a cut I was unhappy with and the price is fair. I never make an appointment and have always been sat down for a cut within 10 min of walking in, 15 min at most.