Gentlemen’s Choice Barber Shop

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1:Either barber. Just tell them how u want it and you’ll get that. Like all barbers it may take a few trips for some of us but these guys will never embarrass you w a botched cut. And they are true gentlemen. No profanity, no ridiculous music, and I’ve yet to hear a dirty joke. I appreciate that.

2:Very nice, A must try this place.

3:Barber shops been in business for a long time both gentlemen know how to cut hair very very well. I can say I’ve never had a bad haircut and I’ve never heard anybody say anything bad about them.

4:Great cut and great service. Don is a fine barber. I have him for years!

5:These guy’s are great barber’s they cut my hair just like i wanted it cut first time going i highly recommend this shop to anyone