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1:Great hair and beard cut friendly staff

2:Used to love this place even drive from Maidstone just to use this place, but the last two times has put me off for good. I ask for a medium hair line to keep it nice and low, don’t even touch the top half of the sides the length is fine. End up with a hair line starting past the top of my head with a No.1 all the way up. Why ask if you’re going to cut it how you want anyway? Now I got to go around a month+ with a haircut I don’t likeπŸ‘Ž

3:This is my go to barbers. Excellent service.

4:Edited – Went yesterday at 4 pm, my son had his haircut which i believe now to be a trainee. Absolutely awful haircut. Will be returning tonight for another cut or refund. After this i won’t be returning. The customer should be made fully aware if he was getting a haircut from a trainee. Was charged 10 pound when on the door it says 9 pound for under 12s… Not happy at all. And it took 1 hour and 20 mins to ruin his hair

5:Always have my hair done here πŸ‘πŸ», do a great job on my sons hair too.