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1:Normally a great barbers, but not today. Young lad, possibly new not very confident cutting from the feel of things. Highly recommend the owners, but young lad has butchered me early this morning, very disappointed with the outcome… will definitely be looking for a new barbers from now on.

2:They gave my kid a bowl cut today. Straight and blunt right round his forehead When I took him back for them to sort it out, they said it was my partners fault for not telling them he didn’t want it dead straight across his head…. and that they would have left it longer on top if they’d known. He 100% told them to leave it long on top. This was an excuse because they knew it was terrible and couldn’t fix it, they actually made it a bit worse, so great.

3:Did some plumbing work here, very busy, my work colleague has his hair cut here regularly and rates it 👌

4:Great guys and a cracking haircut and beard trim.Always feel like a new man when I visit,especially after a lovely hot towel and shave!👍

5:Got my hair cut here as I was rushed for time. They messed it up costing me more time in the end. Very annoying and very disappointing. They’re expensive here now, the staff barely talk, and the young staff if not on the phone texting away just seem to slide their feet around instead of showing some interest and enthusiasm when there and walking and they even seem to have a can’t be bothered attitude. I will never used these again as they have messed my hair up so badly here twice. Thankfully I have a trimmer set at home with someone to help out around if they are needed and it was tidied by them but the barber didn’t even show me the back of my hair once cut in the mirror, didn’t round my hair line at the back where it finished on my neck leaving it all boxed and crooked and around my ear was completely messed up too. I wish I took a picture of my hair at the back too before tidying it up but I have uploaded a picture around my ear where it was messed up (although it will probably be removed by the owner knowing my luck.)