Floral City Hardware

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1. Love to see a traditional hardware store still doing business. It’s worth a stop just to admire the awesome mural they have along the side of the building! Floral City Hardware is rich with Americana feels.

2. I don’t like doing this, however, times have changed & with it, the quality of service. I have gone here many times to get things I needed. Most recently I inquired about him (Jim, the owner) to come repair my Well. It needs a new foot

3. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable folks! They always recognize us when we walk in. The best price on LP refills too. If you need it, either they have it or will help you get it.

4. If you need fertilizer for your fruit trees they’ve got the best on the market do you need propane for your heaters or your propane needs they have at best price in Floral city.

5. Great little country store has most of what you need on the spot rather then driving to the city stop by meet friendly people and get what you need my family shoppes here regularly

6. Best place for air conditioner filters. $2 a piece, you can’t beat that anywhere else. They didn’t have my specific size, didn’t know they even made such a size. It’s extremely hard to find . they ended up ordering it just for me . Love them.

7. It’s too bad whoever the lady is that runs this joint feels like it’s the governments right to mandate workers to get vaccinated. I witnessed her talking to a man with an iPad asking her questions about whether the government should be

8. They got just about everything in there and reasonably priced

9. This place is what a hardware store should be. These folks know their business and are just plain nice hardworking small town folks. Their prices are fair, almost always right in line with big box chain stores. As a bonus we can buy our

10. Home town hardware store. Support small family owned businesses.