Floral City Foods

Recent Comments Floral City Foods:

1. This place has a variety of your basic needs from a-z. Including fish bait.
Very friendly people and a nice quick in and out.

2. Great store Friendly employees some of the most caring individuals in the neighborhood. Love our little corner store

3. This store I’ve been going to for a very long time, right down the road from me, I swear they have the best fountain ice tea around, I call it my “cracktea” the ladies are always friendly.

4. Love the River Sweeps kiosk.

5. Never been there. Ok tho

6. Amazing staff and reasonable prices for being in a very small town. Their canned sodas are cheaper than other competitors in town. They have bait, beer, sodas, sandwiches, coffee, hats, and much more there. They have a bench outside where you can sit down and chat. Truly, my favorite convenience store in Floral City.

7. Great little convenience store. Canned drinks are cold and priced fairly. Plenty of snacks to choose from. Always friendly staff, more than I can say for cranky old lady at Mobil Mart around the corner.

8. The employees there are just fantastic Love this place just a little corner jiffy store got a couple of tables it’s real fun sitting there eating boiled peanuts and scratching a couple lottery tickets. One of my favorite places

9. Great neighborhood store.

10. Just your typical little convenience store. Friendly staff and hang around for the locals. Regilar prices and normal variety of items for convenience.