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1: Very nice relaxing good work good conversation good work will be back soon thank you called and got right in took her time and I enjoyed

2: So everything was great up until the manicure part. I spent $108 for manicure and pedicure. Pedicure was okay. But, manicure no!!! It looks sloppy and rushed. Idk if I would go back because of one bad experience.

3: Paid 38 bucks for 2 color acylics. Decent pricing but the lady cut some of my fingers with the drill. Other then that its better than most salons in the area.

4: Fast friendly service usually hard to get into nail places on a Sunday but had no problem here…

5: Use to like them…… The lady’s have always been kinda rude but I loved their work… Now nails are so thin. I went in on Sunday and it’s now half my nails have broke off.