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1. Good environment my place to go for a hair cut
Go see Bassene Lambert
African Barber

2. Went 2 get a haircut didn’t no any of the barbers, but a young man name don hook me up. Really looking fresh!!

3. I been going here for 3years since I’ve moved here. And I really like this place I have the best barber ever.

4. Go check out my homie Don if you want that 100.00 cut for the low…. When you walk through the door look straight ahead. First guy on the left. On another note. This shop has been apart of my life for years. My son got his first cut there 17yrs ago. No waiting if you don’t want. Plenty barbers to get you in and out.

5. No long waits at all. Clean shop and all barbers follow COVID protocols. My barber is Thomas and his nuts with the fade game!

6. I was really desturbed when i went into the barbershop one morning and a baber told me that he only take by appointments i thought when you go into a barbershop you should be able to get your child a cut as long as you get there first.

7. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Employee: Talla Villane,
Terrible service.
Unresponsive, poor communicator and did not refund deposit money for

8. Emmanuel puts me in the game every time!

9. Dirtiest place I’ve ever been.
Yes, I get that it’s a barber shop, but I don’t particularly plan to be wading through other people’s hair on the ground to get to a chair that is covered in

10. Worst barbershop ever I waited almost 3 hours to not even be serviced I also asked 3 barbers who clearly weren’t doing anything if I could be serviced and they all declined for whatever reason. I would never recommend this place to anyone EVER!!!!