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1. I have never gotten my nails done before, so I had asked everyone I saw who had acrylics where they had gotten them. Everyone said to go to here! I’ve gone to Escape twice now, and I was super happy both times with the designs and have

2. **UPDATE** The managers customer service is absolutely amazing. I ended up contacted them and explain what was going on with my nails they told me to come in and they happily fixed it and it looks way better and I’m really happy with my

3. Not trying to be a Karen or anything because I do understand being short staffed. But I didn’t like the experience sense I walked in the door. I had walked in and was starred at because I was a guy getting a pedicure they didn’t take there

4. I used to love the nail salon UNTIL I heard my friends were turned away for being men? That’s completely wrong, don’t run a nail salon if you refuse to work on certain people. I will ONLY be going to Elegant Nails across the street. Thank you.

5. Do not recommend!!!! Very unprofessional. When I asked the guy doing my pedicure if he could fix the nail he cut crooked he jumped up and said someone else will help me. Didn’t say one moment or anything. The next then person tried to tell

6. 13 yr old had blood on both of her hands at the end. I could have cried. I wish I would have taken a picture but I was shook up in the moment. The nail tech said it was polish. I looked at the tech’s hands and she had a bandaid on her

7. Called two days in advance to set appointments for 4 people. We were told that the men in the group could not get pedicures because we were men and that only the woman in the group could. Upsetting considering I have spent tons of money here before but will not be returning after this experience.
Service: Pedicures

8. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality
I love Escape Nails! I have been coming here exclusively for many years now and I am always very happy with how my nails turn out and my experience. The staff is welcoming, friendly and extremely hard working. They go above and beyond to

9. I am a young girl, I came in with my mom to get my nails done, I was paying but my mom came along. My mom left once I had settled, after my mom left she finally told me my price – 85 dollars. I asked when my mom was there but she only told

10. I loved coming here they all was very nice very professional and fun to be around the woman made my first time being there great this is my new spot for my nails thank you all I wish I can post my nails there everything I was hoping for ❤😍
Services: Manicures, Pedicures, Dip powder, Foot massage