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  1. Horrible job the technician kept rushing didn’t even do what I wanted nails are not even straight glue all over the place hot mess…. Asking for a refund… do not go there every one that was there today 12/21/21 had horrible nails. No employee cared mall should shut them down.
  2. Fantastic place, nice people.
  3. Crooked nails very uneven . Told me it was fine when I told her about it. Kept going shorter cause she didn’t cut all nails at the same length. I had asked for squared shape and she did square and almond mixed. Do not recommend 
  4. I go there because it was the very first place i have ever gotten my nails done. Most employees are gentle with my hands. They have strong nails because i do a lot with my hands, even smashing one finger but the nail was still perfect! They need more color selection.
  5. Roughest most generic pedicure, nails cut crooked, double dipping on the wax. When i called her out she tried to tell me it was ok. I told her im in the medical field and it is never ok. Would Not recommend