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1:Lovely barbers. Experienced. Highly recommended.

2:Always friendly in here very quick and efficient. Not ever had to wait long at all even when the guys are extremely busy. Always had a decent hair cut too

3:Great people, great hair cut. Normally go to gravesend but will return. Highly recommend.

4:Recently moved to this area and decided to give this barbers a go. They did a brilliant job, were very friendly and all at a great price. No booking was required. I will be sure to use their service again! 🙂

5:Brilliant service, very friendly customers, great staff. ” if I want customers to come back it has to be perfect, I could cut your hair in five minutes but what would be the point of that, it needs to be perfect”-shop owner Very professional and puts time and effort into your hair cut. Best trim I’ve received from any barber in the medway area.