Dev’s Barbershop

Recent Comments Dev’s Barbershop:

1: Dev did a great job with my 18 month old. It’s so hard to get a barber to not cut a boys hair too short but he was was patient and careful. Worth noting it’s cash only.

2: First ever wet shave, I would most certainly recommend and I will be having it again! Only had a few cuts by the barbers but will be back again

3: I’ve been taking my son here for a few years and they’ve always been great with him. My fiance went today and got the works, hair cut beard shave and waxing . Great service and really pleased with the results, would highly recommend

4: Took our 2year old boy to get his hair cut here. He normally kicks off and hates it but the staff were so patient and attentive that he loved it and left smiling. Thank you so much for being patient and so friendly

5: I used to visit devs barbershop when he had one closer to town on Mansfield road, always employed top barbers and the same can be said for this one. No need to overpay for one of these ridiculously priced scissor merchants central to town when Turkish barbers are the real ones!