Deluxe Nails

Recent Comments Deluxe Nails:

1: This was, by far, the best nail salon i have ever been too. I went for my first time the other day and they did an incredible job, exceeding all my expectations and at a reasonable price!

2: Super clean with timely and quick service. The staff was nice and most importantly the owner was excellent! Very sweet and painted perfect perfect perfect! Truly an amazing establishment! They really took the time to make sure my nails were to perfection. Highly recommend this place! Definitely going to start coming once a week!

3: The service was very careful. My feet were feeling everything and removing all of the small imperfections that I don’t really take care of on my feet and hands. For me, this was a wonderful experience for myself and would love to come again.

4: Absolutely the best nail salon I’ve ever been too, super friendly staff. My tech is the best nail technician!! My nails always looked great and always stayed intact.

5: The pedicure and manicure was fabulous. They took there time and made it a truly wonderful experience. I will be going back and I recommend if you are in the are and in need of their services please go!!!