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1. First off my nails came out beautiful.. BUT the lady that did my nails her name was Tracey and it said “manager” on her name tag. I kid you not from the moment she started applying my tips until she was done she didn’t say one word to me.

2. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I really like getting my nails done here. I tried several places after moving to the area. This is the only one I went back to. Van did my nails the first 2 times I went and she takes her time and my gel manicure lasted longer than 2 weeks.

3. I went to this nail salon quite a few times and came out equally satisfied and disappointed. My problem is when I mention something is wrong with my nails I seem to get an attitude or they tell me it’s ok when clearly it’s not. I went for

4. I recently got my nails done on my birthday May 4th and the next day 3 of my nails came off and then I called to have them fixed and had to wait 3 days to get them fixed & each time I called they told me to come tmrw because their too busy

5. What I got vs what I wanted. The photo speaks for itself, don’t waste your time and money here. $65 for these ugly nails. Tracy did them and I was absolutely disgusted with the fact that she was okay letting a customer pay for this and walk

6. Black women; find another shop. Let’s start with the manager, Tracey, who sits closest to the door and only greets white customers. (I encourage you to read the other reviews from Black patrons) I kid you not, when Black women walk in the

7. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
The manager did my nails and I hated them. I made an appointment and she was late and didn’t seem concerned at all. I had to ask how much longer she would be. Once I finally got in the chair everything I asked for she acted like she didn’t

8. Judy, Rose, and Tracy are ALL INCREDIBLE!!!! We got a wonderful pedicure and manicure, and the service was top-notch. This place came highly recommended to me, and now I’m hooked. EXCELLENT PLACE!!!

9. Amazing work here. They are very qualified and put a lot of effort into making your nails perfect I’ve been there twice now and have been extremely happy with my nails each time and I will be back.

10. I had a great experience here. I walked in without an appointment and was immediately started on my pedicure, even though they seemed a bit busy. The prices are more than reasonable and my technician was really nice and capable. I got the deluxe pedicure with extra nail art, and it was only $40.