Recent Comments David’s:
  1. First time here and my first new barbers in 15 years! Warm and welcoming experience with fantastic staff who can have a real and engaging conversation whilst they expertly complete their work. Really happy with the result and couldn’t recommend more!
  2. lovely friendly staff 5 star all day long.
  3. A proper barber! I got an excellent, fast and cheap haircut from a very experienced and friendly man, who knew exactly what I meant from the first time I said it. The styling of the studio is also very traditional and authentic. Just excellent in every way.
  4. Best barbers found this place a while ago I like the fat badly fella the best he’s great the other 2 are good fellas aswell
  5. You can trust any of the Barbers working from here. Great cuts and realistic prices and and good chat too. A proper old school Barbers.