Davenport’s Barber Shop

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1. A real man’s barber shop IMHO
It’s like the Barber shop my Dad took me to when I was a boy. Just what men want, really who wants to pay more money at a unisex shop that doesn’t even know a man needs. I was even offered a beard trimming; ears and eye
Brow trim..

2. Always a pleasure to get my hair cut at Davenport’s Barbershop. Great place, nice folks.

3. The best place to get a haircut…Mr. D is amazing and Jimmy is a great guy. I always love going in there.

4. Great guys, great haircut.
Jimmie cut my hair, everyone was nice.

5. The world must know that Mr. Davenport is retiring this month, the 25th! I am both happy and sad for this!! Good luck Mr Davenport! The best barber EVER/ E OV!! A legend!! Thank you for 63 years Mr D!!💙💙💙

6. Aside from the situs for learning what’s happening in Ocean View not only currently but what was going on there ten, twenty,or thirty or more years ago then you are in the right place. Mr. DAVENPORT has hearing that is UN-MATCHED by even

7. It was a pleasant location. I actually felt good about my haircut here than I ever do at sports clips. They charge way to much for a salon. They don’t use razor blades to do your edge ups. They do good edge ups here.

8. It’s simply the best Barbershop between Earth and Pluto !

9. Always a good haircut at Davenports. One of the best parts of being OV.

10. Mr. Davenport is an artist from the old world tradition of head-shape, and esthetic balance. With neck shave, a shoulder rub. There is no better barber including Manhattan; I have been to in 70 years!