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1:Popped in on Saturday didn’t have to wait long for a great hair cut really friendly guys. This has to be the best barbers in tonbridge 👍🏻

2:First ever visit to Dapper Dans for a haircut today. Superb – cut exactly the way I wanted. Would also commend the courtesy extended and the reasonable pricing.

3:Really liked my first hair cut but unfortunately the second time was quite the opposite. I came in, sat down and i think I was in there for no more than 5 minutes and boom …done. Hair cut was rushed, I experienced rough and painful handling, particularly round the ears and around the face. The barber showed no interest of doing the job properly. Resultantly, my hair cut was very average and after a week, already needs re-cutting. Really don’t recommend 🙁

4:Fairly cheap. Quality varies depending on who you get cutting your hair. There are no appointments so it is difficult to ensure a specific barber. But then, as I say, it’s fairly cheap!

5:Quality haircuts, great customer service too. Would definitely recommend. Elmo is a top barber