Cut N Corners Barbershop

Recent Comments Cut N Corners Barbershop:

1. My barber Ric, has done a great job on my head and beard. Having me look very nice and clean. I can tell that Ric has been a long time barber on how well and efficient he cut my hair. I will be returning next week for a haircut and a beard trim.

2. This is the ONLY place I get my haircut and beard trimmed at, since I relocated to south Florida. The best and most professional Barbershop I’ve ever been to. It’s a great vibe and an all around positive atmosphere there, and I’m a repeat customer!

3. Ryan is awesome. He’s so patient with my son. The atmosphere is nice. And everyone is really nice.

4. Great place to get a haircut. Every barber can cut well. I’ve been going there for 20+ years. Top notch shop

5. Why that guy has the most customers? Hes short, black, scrappy looking. Right side looking up his chair second to the top. Well apart from cutting hair well, he has a nice personality and before l forget, yea hes my barber. Hail up mi brethren.

6. We are newbies from Nap moved recently move to Pembroke Pines and husband was in need and we found this place and and now Steve has my husband looking great

7. Great barber shop. Andrew is great. My son loves getting a haircut here. I shave my head.

8. Good barbers, some of them can fade and outline well. Good with all types of hair, black, white and Hispanic hair. They however have a poor next-up system. I’ve sat here four over 30 minutes while there were barbers just sitting around. Professionalism lacking which is why I’m not a regular.

9. Clean establishment. Personal barber’s name is Mark who is a well-mannered and courteous individual. He gives a lovely cut all the time.

10. Real busy, but they took my son and gave him a great haircut. Pretty quick and nice vibe. Fair price.