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1: The lady took an hour to just glue on tips. Wanted me to file my nails to show her the shape i wanted…then proceeded to cut my nails too short and got an attitude when I didn’t like them. Cut them down roughly and didn’t provide acetone to even get them off. good professional service. Will never go back.!

2: SO BAD, went there to get my nails done and they looked like little blocks and they were crooked, they made me pay like 80$ and they didn’t even look right, DONT GO. walmart did me better than them. smh.

3: Went and got my nails done and they looked great! My grandmother actually owns the shop and I am always amazed by how my nails turn out! Very good quality and good service as well!

4: When I made an appointment they called and wanted me to change it because the lady already had one at the same time! Very inconsiderate!!

5: I was very disappointed with my experience. My nails have glue still on the sides and they did not take their time in filing them. She seemed to be rushing just to get to the next person that walked in. For the amount of money you pay I was expecting better quality. So I will not be going back.