Cloverleaf Barber & Style Shop

Recent Comments Cloverleaf Barber & Style Shop:

1: My son has had his hair cut here on several occasions with good results, however this time he had his hair cut by a new barber and she destroyed his hair. It is completely uneven and patchy. There’s no way that she did not notice it. We will not return to the shop if they are satisfied with batbers that put out haircuts like this

2: Everyone up there is awesome, extremely polite and you feel like you’re hanging out more than waiting. I use Brandi but everyone that works there can certainly give a good haircut!

3: My husband and son both get their haircut here. Great staff! Feels like family!! Happy customers! Highly recommend!

4: I have been going to Mrs. Tammy OR Mr. Ed for almost a year! My big brother turned me on to them and I’ve loved them ever since!! Nice, at home place!! Mrs. Tammy is great! So is Mr. Ed!

5: Great people. I pretty much grew up in this barber shop! Absolutely love the atmosphere and the barbers that have been there forever!