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1:This place might do a really good job but if you’re not already a regular client good luck getting in! I’ve tried walking in (I was turned away) and I’ve tried calling 5 times to make an appt within the last 3 months (weekends and weekdays) and they have NEVER had time for even a fill in!! It’s obvious they aren’t interested in gaining new clients, very disappointing that my local nail salon turns people away constantly. I will continue driving 30min to my salon that has never turned me away in over 6 years!

2:Went on my lunch break and got turned down due to being short staffed. All I wanted was dipped nails they could have easily let my nails soak while the 2 employees finished the only 2 customers they had. This would have been my first time using them but I will never use them now. Ridiculous!!!

3:Not a walk in salon anymore you absolutely have to have and appt or no service. Better off going by Walmart might get taxed but you’ll get your nails done…

4:This is the only nail salon I will go to anymore. T does such an amazing job on my nails and I never leave disappointed.

5:Absolutely love this place I get so many complements on my nails every time I get them done there. They do trendy nails there like they have cute stickers (I just got play boys ones and they look great), they do matte nails, ombré, pretty much anything you want and my nail lady will nail it. They are a little pricey but it is worth it and they stay on really well because of the quality! 10 out of 10 recommend!