Christy’s Canine Creations

Recent comments Christy’s Canine Creations:
  1. This is a great place!! They always take such good care of my little Maddie Hittner!!! They are gentle and sweet with her, and she looks amazing when I pick her up đź’—
  2. I absolutely love what they did for my Molly! They were nice and made my Molly look and smell like a million bucks! And the prices are very great. Molly will be coming back. You guys are amazing!. Oh, and one more thing, can I buy some of that perfume yall put on her? She smelled soooo good!!!!
  3. This place deserves more than 5 stars. I’ve taken my dog in and gotten him a mohawk that was awesome. He looks like a different dog (as you can see in the before and after) and is so much happier without needing his knots brushed out constantly. He smells so good too!
  4. I have a Scottish Terrier and it is hard to find groomers that really know how to clip a Scottie, as a lot of them will clip them like a schnauzer. I’ve been taking my dog here for a little over a year and they do an amazing job on him every time. The salon is always clean and staff very professional. I highly recommend!
  5. I just tried Christy’s this passed week for my Pomeranian and I couldn’t have been happier! There was even a mistake in the scheduling on their part but they were very quick to accommodate me and make it right. This is definitely my new place!!