Chris Hairdressers

Recent Comments Chris Hairdressers:

1: It’s a barber shop. It’s £12 for a cut. The Eastern European chap who’s name I forget cut my hair and did a fantastic job. Wife approves. If you want to pour money down the drain at other hair places then do so but £30-40 to do the same job is just stupid! Go to Chris Barbers!

2: Friendly owners and Amazing haircuts, would highly recommend if you’re looking for a skin fade.

3: The only person who could give you a decent and awesome haircut is Viola.. avoid the guy named Peter if you want a good looking haircut, he is a good barber aswell but for older people . If you ever visit this barber just get your hair done by Viola.

4: I told the guy to simply trim my beard just on the sides because I want to keep the length. What did he do instead ? He sheared half of the beard which I grew for more than a year. Huge disappointment. Do not recommend.

5: Viola simply the best no one else can equal her at all