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1. HIGHLY recommend!! I got my eyebrows done along with getting my son a hair cut too. Absolutely loved the vibes and environment. Barber was friendly and payed attention to all the details I asked for when describing the cut I wanted for my boy. Will be coming back regularly.
Services: Haircut, Shape up

2. Came in today to get a haircut for my son. This was our first time here and there was one person ahead of me. There were two barbers that finished. One was just sitting on his chair on his phone and the other one in the back. Another barber

3. Best Barber Shop I’ve been too so far, great customer service, definitely recommend.If you want to get a cut Goldo is definitely the guy to go too he’s really Professional, friendly, and Always giving the best of the best cuts definitely

4. The guys at this barber shop are so rude. You walk in and if your a new face they look at each other and ask each other if they want to cut. What kind of professionalism is that. I do not recommend this place.

5. horrible experience!!! worst haircut my son has ever had. the barber was super rough with my child and the haircut was horrible!!!! highly suggest not bringing your kids here
Service: Haircut

6. Very disappointed in the service (or lack there of) provided. Took my son in for a haircut, he was excited about his new style, the barber kind of waves us back does not even introduce himself, he points to the chair I explain what cut and

7. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
The best barbershop in the best customer service in the whole city of Orlando. I highly recommend the shop. Friendly helpful staff it’s always clean quick and easy a lot of talented barbers in this place. My buddy Goldo or any of the guys will gladly take care of you. Stop by !!!!
Services: Straight razor shave, Long haircut, Buzz cut

8. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism
Wow had my son get a haircut at this shop and the only person that actually cared and talked to me even when he was busy was kabo! A lot of the barbers were standing around and he cared enough and I waited just for him because nobody

9. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Best Barbershop I’ve ever been too I get a haircut with Goldo Very clean, very professional, and friendly he will do exactly what you want and making you look fresh. Can’t complain Highly recommended 💯💯💯
Services: Perm, Curly hair, Waxing, Haircut, Hair coloring, Straight razor shave, Shave, Hair extensions, Beard trim, Eyebrow tint, Scissor cut, Long haircut, Buzz cut, Shape up, Beard conditioner, Head Shave

10. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism
If you want the best of the best you have to hit up Kabo! He is really professional and great customer service Had an awesome conversation and the haircut came out on point!! New client everyweek
Service: Haircut