Chapz turkish barber

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  1. Bunch of very professional and friendly barbers. Mustafa is always at the top of the game, attentive to detail and timely in performance. You don’t need to repeat back twice how you want your hairstyle to look like
  2. Very rude and unprofessional barbers. Not clean. No sanitization and they don’t properly clean leftover hair rubbish from previous customer. Avoid this place its not safe as the barbers can get quite aggressive. Services are also below average. They do haircuts in hurry.
  3. I had a great time getting my hair cut here, very pleased with the result. The person cutting my hair paused to turn off Tiesto and put on some Egyptian music and it really improved my experience. Will definitely come here again !
  4. My son and I, go to this barbers. Has a good vibe and doesn’t rush when giving the cuts. Thanks to Hamz. Highly recommended
  5. Very professional, taking their time to meet my husband’s needs for a decent hair cut, he has said he will definitely cone back