Chacalito Barbershop

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1. Lots of chairs and the barbers are pretty dam good, the perception of the place might deter you, but when you leave after a lineup or haircut will change that.

2. Amazing and absolutely phenomenal cutting my man’s hair . Only issue is he looks so sexy with his hair cut and faded not only do I admire him but some other silly girls did as well. I almost caught a charge 😂😂👍

3. The quality of haircuts here is just outstanding! David is my fiances barber and he refuses to go elsewhere lol reasonable prices too.

4. We love this place. I take my husband and grandchildren here to get their hair cuts. They give the kids a lollipop when their done getting their hair cuts. And the children always look forward to the music when they come in.
Great service, nice, pleasant and professional.

5. I took both of my boys to the shop and they did amazing. It was quit for them to be called, quality work, very polite and helpful staff, affordable.
I know where my sons will be going for now on.

6. Critical: Cleanliness, Quality, Value
Don’t recommend. dude who cut my hair could give okayish fades but messed my hair up when it came to the scissors cut. Definitely disappointed and will not return
Services: Scissor cut, Beard trim, Haircut, Long haircut

7. Juan the owner has been my barber for over 12 years now. He has also been my 2 boys barber since they were old enough to sit up, he is great with kids and takes pride in what he does. Very friendly with customers and plenty of barbers to take care of you as fast as possible.

8. This is an excellent barber shop. The only drawback is that at peak times there is a wait up to 1/2 hour. There were six Barbers I was there. They take time with the customer to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the haircut,

9. Mostly everyone an cut good but I am old school I hate the prices 😆 🤣 😂

10. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Value
A couple of weeks back i took my 3 boys to get a hair cut ages 7,8 & 9. The person who did my 9 year old hair cut charged me $15 ( when kids haircut are $10) . Today I had an appointment at 2pm with Yessi after waiting for 40 minutes i