Carmelitas Beauty Salon

Recent Comments Carmelitas Beauty Salon:

1. Some of the staff members are very rude especially the owner and the other lady who is her relative. The customer service should be more courteous and friendly. They just look at you No smiles no Greeting just a plain face. That’s sad

2. Edit: Went back to get my hair dyed for the first time and the end result was lovely! Will be going back for hair cuts, but probably not for dyes.

3. Carmelita knows her stuff staff is friendly felt comfortable around the environment left feeling like a diva

4. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
The employees are so unprofessional. They will promise you they can achieve a certain level of blonde but in reality they can’t (and they know it) but still bleach your hair and do not care if they fry it off. One of the ladies did not even know how to braid hair and left it so terrible.

5. Critical: Professionalism
I went in to bleach my hair and color it but came out looking a mess. My hair started falling off because of how much Carmelita fried my hair. She’s money hungry and terrible at her job. The staff is so rude. Had to cut all may hair off and

6. This is for G’s Fancy nails. She is super attentive to detail and if you don’t like she’ll fix it. I love getting my nails done by get l her!!!

7. Good price. Gwen shes da lady did my hair. I wanted a highlights for my hair but she told me i dnt need it yet & i like tht she was honest to me. I will go back here again.

8. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality

They did not schedule me with Carmelita as I originally requested. Trying to be understanding, (and because I had modified my work schedule to be there) I accepted to be seen by the hairstylist that was available.

9. Not a good experience, the staff is rude and dismissive. The woman who did my son’s hair didn’t even bother to brush the extra hair off his face and she cut way too much from the sides. She didn’t use water or the hair dryer. She rushed and did a very poor job. I don’t recommend and I will not be going back.

10. Thank you to all the staff at Carmelitas. Went for a party and did not plan ahead to book appointment anywhere. Came here because of the reviews. They were very busy but attentive.I was told that they had many apointments but still could