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1. If you are bold, this is the place for you. Bad experience. I had a guy who was training. Other barbers wont even say anything. He just f@##$ my hair. Then he wanted to charge me $25. He was looking at videos of how to do fades. NEVERRRRRRRR…AGAIN!!!!!

2. Critical: Quality
Been going here for years with no issues. Went today to get a cut. Told the new guy exactly how I wanted my hair and beard done, Hugh fade, 3 top 1 side, #4 trim on the beard, and an edge. Got no fade, no edge, took my beard down to like 4mm. Crooked beard. Absolutely ridiculous. I look like a 12 year old.
Services: Beard trim, Haircut

3. Best Barber in Tampa number 1 go check him out

4. Processional. Quick and clean! Not to mention great prices.

5. great services but the only thing is they say they open at 9am but when I get there at that time no one is there til 1045am just need to update their time that’s all

6. I’m not sure if it everyone here but the guy giving my cut today ruined my entire week. I’ve been growing out my hair for the past six months for a certain style and asked him to simply trim the split ends… 5 minutes later I see chunks of

7. I was there the first time with my man. It was great being there, watching the staff talking to their customers, seeing what they want done to there and face, making sure they come out happy & a smile on there face. Many people I believe would love this place just like my man did. Keep up the good work.

8. They do good.

9. First time being in there with my boyfriend and I felt the place was cool and relaxing. The staff seem friendly and the customers like the work that’s being done on there hair, especially my man coming out with a big smile on his face.

10. If I could give this barber a zero rating I would I have been taking my boys there for 17 years now since there were little my older son has a skin issue called psoriasis arthritis an he has had a bad flare up an we had to allow the skin