Recent Comments Broadlands:

1. Didn’t open till 7:30 am. Floor was sticky but the food was good.

2. Awesome breakfast/lunch!!!

3. Nice, but not very clean.

4. Visiting a 100%CHIROPRACTIC
It was great.

5. Very busy bout great customer service and the food was ok

6. This is a small strip mall with Safeway as it’s Anchor store. Some shops have struggled over the years but others have latest. Not a place to go to window shopping. Most are specific businesses for liquor, pets, nails, finances, etc.

7. Not the place I thought I was reviewing, thought I was reviewing Le Peeps. I really like Le Peeps. Good food, great staff.

8. Yummy food. Lori always brings out my food

9. Vapergate is a great little store, Jake was a big help

10. We go to 100% Chiropractic. Wonderful people