Recent Comments BONAO’S BARBER SHOP:

1. Best barber shop! They don’t speak English, although you can show them a photo of what cut you want and they gotcha. It takes a while, but perfection takes patience! Here are some photos of my haircut before and after.

2. Best barber shop ever. Especially for black people hair fam. They do a fade. Sometimes you need adjustment but nothings perfect. Great people, loud and funny atmosphere.

3. This barber shop TRASH,worst haircut lineups and just worst communication when it comes to how you want style your hair

4. Not many barbershops go the extra mile to make you look your best, but Bonao does. I usually get a skin tight fade and shave, they follow up with a face massage. Highly recommend.

5. Best barbershop ever 💪💪 really good service

6. Been coming here for over 8 years. All 3 of my boys wouldn’t go anywhere else. Awesome atmosphere and excellent prices. Super good with kids and no long waits.

7. Up until today I would have given this place a perfect 5. I’ve been there several times to get a cut and shave. My barber may not speak English but he cuts my hair perfect. Today the black barber (not my barber) decided to disrespect my

8. This barbershop is just okay. Not the best but not the worst. Most barbers don’t speak English. I dislike the music being way too loud Everytime I go. I have to yell to the barber what I want even tho he’s standing right next to me. So 3

9. Good service. Get you in right away before you can sit down to wait. Got a great haircut here and price is normal.

10. Very clean and time efficient barbershop. If you want a quick cut, here’s your place. They don’t pay much attention to detail though. They also barely understand English. And despite getting the same haircut for over 2 years, they’re prices