Bliss Nail Spa

Recent Comments Bliss Nail Spa:

1. Excellent nail tech Linda never disappointed.her work always 100%. She is as pleasant as her work. The salon always clean and comfortable. Love the spot.

2. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I went in for polish removal. The tech completely destroyed my nails. I will have to wait for them to grow out before they can be presentable, polished or otherwise. Some areas still had base coat, others had been buffed down so much that

3. Not a good experience. Both my toe nail polish and nail dip started chipping after 3 days. I usually go up the street or Bloomfield nails and spa where they don’t reuse tools for your pedicure the top coat they use is top quality. Bliss

4. I generally have a good experience when I come. My only complaint is they don’t open on time and, they aren’t adequately staffed when they do open in the morning.

5. Just ugh. Where do I start? Customer service and attitude was a negative 10… The man who serviced me/ pedicure was terrible! Comical even.. I mean he was making the repetitious movements as though he was removing my cuticles but was not,

6. I just nails done and in 2 days notice that my nails were lifting. I was able to pop them off whole smh. Got out the shower and the polish off one my toes were off. I got the dipping powder and regular polish on my toes. Maybe the products

7. Critical: Cleanliness
My sister and I visited. We waited for about an hour before we were serviced. My sister said the bathroom was not clean which is a big negative during this pandemic. Once serviced everything was cool. They charged an extra $5 for adding

8. They do nails really good but my previous visit may be my last. .. Nail tech cut my fingertip slightly open with the electric drill and painted over it with shellac. My nail tech had a couple infected fingers that had massive cuts, bruises,

9. Very unprofessional and in organized in my opinion. Had me waiting an hour with my feet in the water waiting on a tech that was doing nails yet two other people that came after meet got there services started before me. Anyone could of did

10. Great pedicure very thorough!!! Would have liked warm towel or stones at the end