Black Diamond Hair Braiding

Recent Comments Black Diamond Hair Braiding:

1. I recommend her, she is the best in Minnesota. She did my daughter hair and we’ll definitely come back to her. Because she did a great job. Thank you Black Diamond!
Services: Dreadlocks, Braids, Box Braids, Hair extensions, Hairstyling

2. I got knotless box braids done and she did an amazing job! Loved the end product and the experience. She finished in an 2.5 hours but she also took her time with each braid! Excellent braider. Will 100% return to get my braids done again.

3. Very clean environment, she knows what she is doing. She did me wife hair it was very beautiful and priceless compared to where we used to go. I recommend this place to anyone. Thank you Black Diamond.

4. She is the best in Minnesota, good customer service. I recommend her 100%
Services: Box Braids, Hair extensions

5. Positive: Professionalism
She was very professional & sweet. I’m very tender headed and I didn’t feel any pain. I loved it, can’t wait to come back for another style!
Service: Braids

6. Braid really good
And I love it so much ❤️
It so cute
Services: Dreadlocks, Eyelash extensions, Braids, Box Braids, Hair extensions, Hairstyling

7. I had one bad experience from an employee that work with Diamond. Would I recommend this place to others, yes. Her work is awesome. She needs better employees tho.

8. She was great! Much faster than anyone else. She did knotless for me and it took her about 2.5 hours. It usually takes twice the amount of time with other people. She also included the hair which made it so much cheaper than most!

9. This salon was absolutely amazing. The environment was clean. The females braiding my hair both had an amazing personality. The customer service there was nice. I got the exact braids and length I wanted. I left the salon happy and feeling

10. Very flexible and nice. She is very accommodating and really quick. I’ve never gotten my hair done in 3 hours or less. She is amazing I recommend and will go back.