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1. I have been looking for any place that can cut my hair properly for years and years now. Tried dozens of Barber shops and salons and I’ve getting to the point where I can’t trust Google and Yelp reviews anymore.

2. I go to this barber shop all the time, each time leaving satisfied with an outstanding hair cut.

3. Best service ever from a Barber shop. Very clean & relaxing environment. Great prices & fast service.

4. Great cuts since my first visit over 15 years ago!!! Well worth the price and 50% tip!!! Trust me when I text that these ladies know how to make cuts for all hair types!!! Thank you Best Barber Shop for being a part of our community!!!

5. This is a very good barbershop. They are very good and can get you in and out in no time. Right now with the current restrictions there are only two people allowed inside while waiting and the workers there check your temp and give you hand

6. I think that’s the best haircut I’ve had since being in the military. Very clean facility, very professional staff and the price fit the job. Ill be going back there for sure!!!

7. The barbers give first rate haircuts but the price of a haircut there has gotten way out of hand IMO. I would say about six months to a year ago the price of men’s haircuts were approximately $12-13. They’re $17.50 now. I think I will ship around.

8. Short wait, friendly, best haircut I’ve had in years. They will see me for the foreseeable future. Won’t go anywhere else
Service: Haircut

9. One of my favorite barbers in the area! Been going for 2+ years. I’ve had more great cuts than good, and only twice have I been less than excited about how it turned out. They’re all good, and great with a 7 year old as well.

10. A very good men’s barbershop. Excellent service to their customers.