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  1. Quite pleased with how nails look, got dip powder, color wasn’t quite what I chose, but it turned out okay. Young lady was pleasant and courteous.
  2. Very fast putting on acrylic nails. Beautiful for my wedding tomorrow
  3. My boyfriend took me to get my nails done for our anniversary!! It was my first time here. I got my nails dipped with a French tip! It’s been 2 weeks and my nails are still strong and beautiful!! They are not thick at all and feel natural!! I’m going back tomorrow to get my nails done again!!
  4. This was a great experience, i usually have a hard time with bringing my mom places because she’s so picky, but she had a great time! i was worried that my nail art request was too hard, but mandy knocked it out the park!! i recommend all my friends to come here.
  5. Awful! Went in for a fill, told her I wanted them short and she cut them with toe nail clippers so short past the tips of my fingers, hacked my nails so short. Pic taken same day,