Barber Pole

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  1. This place is awesome…. classic barber shop!! Joe is my go-to guy but all the guys are great. Super friendly, great place to just sit and chat about whatever. Two things in life that are hard to find, a good bartender and a good barber. Found the barber, still looking for the bartender!!
  2. Heather is amazing with little boys haircuts I definitely recomend this place if you have little ones!!
  3. Great place for a haircut. They have a senior price and all are friendly and glad to see you. Went from a “stylist ” to a man’s Barbara shop.
  4. Love my Barber Pole!!! Nicest people ever and very good at haircuts and styling. šŸ’‡
  5. Shawn has cut my hair for many years. Joey cuts it now and Iā€™m beyond happy. It is the best barbershop around! All the barbers are certified, and qualified! I definitely recommend it!