Badger Barber Shop

Recent Comments Badger Barber Shop:
  1. I went in the other day and not only did they not clean the hair tools but also gave me the worst haircut ever. I showed her a picture and described what I wanted and she decided this was a great time to practice doing bowl cuts. Awful I definitely don’t recommend going here.
  2. Haircuts are always good especially if getting a military style cut. The waiting area furniture appears soiled but the overall area is clean and picked up. Haircut prices are reasonable and the barbers area friendly. I always call ahead to make sure they are open prior to driving there!
  3. My husband goes here all the time. They are quick and friendly. Honestly do a better job than higher paid places. People expect way to much for a $10 haircut (military hair cut)..its only $10 never expect it to be perfect….like seriously. Anyways love this place.
  4. Service is always short, sweet, and to the point. I can always count on getting my simple haircut done quickly by these gals. The only issue I have had in the past is the shop being closed during published business hours.
  5. I love this place. The strange decor and down-to-earth employees make haircuts less of a chore. $10 feels good for Alaska. The only real detractor is the wait, which can be especially prominent on Sunday afternoons when the clippers can’t keep up with the heads.