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1. This was my first time coming to this salon (was recommended to me by my best friend) and first time getting a Dominican blowout in general, so I was nervous..but I honestly have to say it’s been the most top tier experience!!! Alta was my

2. I dyed my hair firecracker red with Alta on my birthday in March and it grew out/ faded. I wanted copper/ red-orange to match the faded style I had. Alta does a fantastic job as usual. Ask for her advice she knows how to dye and cut very

3. For the most part I do my own hair, since I am a former licensed cosmetologist. I have been knowing Alta for 16+ years so I will occasionally pop in to get my hair done and check on my old friend. I love catching up and she is such a pleasant person that I enjoy my time at the salon.

4. They just ripped me off. I literally got a wash and blow dry I was charged $70. The lady burned me the whole time and weighed my hair with oil and polishing spray. I told the lady that my hair is naturally greasy now my hair is extra oily.

5. Absolutely THE most durable blow out on the east cost, no freeze, no heat damage. Great advice and after care instructions. I appreciate the honest consultation from Heidi over the phone. Arelis the goat Totally worth it, must visit, very punctual.
Services: Hairstyling, Hair coloring

6. I’ve been coming to this salon for years and things have changed!!!! It’s horrible! They barely have any hair products the English is terrible I went for a doobie wrap. The lady put rollers in my hair w/0 a drop of setting lotion my hair

7. Alta provided great, professional service! She is always a pleasure and gets you in and out and takes really good care of your natural hair!
Service: Hairstyling

8. Alta is the best! She did my hair real good,she was very kind and quick, I will go back to her!! When you come In to the salon ask for Alta
Service: Haircut

9. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
The first photo is the day at the salon and the 2nd photo is the next day. ELSI did an amazing job. She also cut the hair of my girls and did wonderful. Please go see her! I have A LOT of hair and she did AMAZING! GRACIAS A ELSI por

10. Critical: Professionalism
I tried on 4 separate occasions to get my hair done; each time I was met with a hard “no”. I could go into details but who has time for all that because ultimately you will make up your own mind thru your own experience but I would NEVER