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1:Took my son for a hair cut here today. Was a little apprehensive after reading reviews but saw there were around 7 barbers so thought maybe one was capable of cutting a child’s hair. Walked in,looked at like I just robbed a nun. Asked if anyone could cut my son’s hair and a mute pointed at another barber. Asked him if he had experience cutting kids hair due to him looking about 12 with a beard. He said does he move. I said well he is a kid why don’t we sit him down and you can just use the trimmer. He said if he moves I don’t want to do it. 7 so called barbers under one roof and not one can cut a kids hair. Waste a time and looking at the trims you giving out they look dead. Rather pay more and go to a salon than deal with rookies.

2:The guy who cut my hair gave me possible the worst hair cut ever. Could wait to leave as I was the last customer. I felt rush and incomplete haircut. A hot towel that was literally on my face for 5 seconds. Please improve the service for the price people pay.

3:Clean place . Staff are ok . Harry his hair cuts are good. Staff turn around is high, hence can’t get used to new barbers. Price is ok. Opens 8am, so if you a early bird then you don’t need to wait, but it can get busy.

4:I’ve been going here weekly since they opened, great place and brilliant decor, can get a normal haircut, beard trim or go all out and have everything including a facial, prices are good for the service you get, they also have an app so after 9 haircuts or shaves the next one is free!

5:I came to Saturday afternoon for my haircut and shave. They have enough staffs but they took too long finish haircut with their customers. Especially when there are almost 15 customers are waiting for a haircut. I had to extend my parking time twice. After one and half hour of waiting, I managed to get a seat. And finally, the price is pretty high in terms of quality of haircut. Maybe I won’t go again because of the waiting time and for their price.