A Nail Shop II

Recent Comments A Nail Shop II:
  1. Good conversation, polite, respectable, clean and affordable. This is the only place I will go get my nails done in the area. Jack and Jackie are wonderful and do superb work.
  2. Jack did a wonderful job… nice friendly place to get your nail done…
  3. I love this shop. Jackie and Jack and their team do a wonderful job. I never come away with uncomfortable cuticle burns and nicks I experience at other shops because the are careful and take their time. The shop is always clean and organized. I won’t use anyone else.
  4. My nail tech was very rude. On top of that her service/work was not good. Some of my nails were disproportionately shaped/crooked.Their nail polish selection is very limited. There’s an extra charge/fee to use a card of any type (credit or debit). I don’t ever plan on visiting this nail salon again.
  5. I seriously thought the woman was going to scrub my skin off. My feet were hurting when she took that little brush and scrubbed the TOP of my feet. There was nothing relaxing about that. That brush isn’t made for the top of your feet. Dang!!!