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i’ve been coming to 1nails for almost 9 years (even before Win & Jessica took over) and i have happily been returning for their services. they take care of me.

2. A little miscommunication. I was under the impression had gel extensions. When got there she said they would do it by glueing on a tip then using dip power. I agreed since I already mad eit all the way there. Cost was $52.00. I would

3. Its a good substitute for your usual place if you need a quick pedicure. Beware they try to sell you on a number of extra services that they don’t tell you is extra. When asked about the difference in price then its a language barrier. This

4. 1st off I’d like to say to the people complaining about unknown pricing there is literally a huge board when you 1st walk in with everything listed.
My 1st time here and won’t be my last my usually place is always busy if you

5. Went to get my nails and toes done for my birthday but I could not stay in a place long enough to get anything done they have no ventilation, they had the back door open so they could get some air in the place, I couldn’t stay in there long

6. Loved getting my nails done here. They are quick and always accommodating with scheduling. But…the payment process really needs to be updated. I paid via Zelle as I usually do. Then, I was followed to the parking lot and asked to pay. I

7. I got a full set with nail art and was very impressed! I didn’t have an appointment, just walked in and they were very friendly and I didn’t have to wait long at all. Will definitely go back.

8. Critical: Quality
Day 10 after $87 spent on eyebrow wax and Gel manicure/pedicure. Never felt Gel/ Shellac Polish so soft. Polish cracking and peeling off so soon after. Very disappointed.
Services: Gel manicure, Manicures

9. So I went to this nail salon yesterday & I must say I will be coming back. The atmosphere was nice! I liked how even though I came at a busy time, more than one person stepped up to help me (pedi & mani). Shout out to Jessica & Will!

10. I absolutely love this place, sometimes it’s a wait depending on the day so beware of wait times and can vary between 1-2.5 hours . But the service is fantastic! These are my nails after 1plus week 😊